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The University Master's Degree in Water Resources and Environment (RHYMA) was implemented in the 2008/2009 academic year (BOJA nº 133, July 17, 2009). It is an official Postgraduate degree, registered in the Registry of Universities, Centers and Titles (BOE nº 103, April 29, 2010, Sec. III, page 37679).

A general objective is to initiate scientific research for those students who may be interested in pursuing a research career by doing the Doctorate.

Another general objective is to train professionals specialized in advanced and multidisciplinary techniques on water resources, with the ability to understand the functioning of aquifers and to evaluate, protect and manage water in a sustainable manner compatible with the preservation of the environment. Students who obtain this Master's Degree will be trained to work in public administrations or in private companies related to water and the environment, including those involved in this Postgraduate course.

To obtain the University Master's Degree in Water Resources and the Environment, it will be necessary to take and pass at least 60 credits, distributed as follows: 30 credits of compulsory subjects, 10 credits of elective subjects, 8 corresponding to Business Internships and 12 credits of the Master's Final Project.


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Number of places and place of teaching

The number of admitted will be about 20.

Classes of the RHYMA Master will be taught in the Ada Byron Research Building, located in the extension of the Teatinos Campus of the University of Malaga.

Teaching is completely face-to-face and is given in classroom A.0.1 - A.0.2, on the ground floor of the building, to the right of the reception.


Entry profile and requirements

Those who certify that they have a Bachelor / Graduate degree in Geology, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Biology and Chemistry, Mining Engineer, Engineer of Roads, Canals and Ports, Engineer Agronomist, Engineer Geologist, Engineer. Chemical or Industrial Engineer. Other higher graduates (Graduates / Graduates / Engineers) will also be able to access if they accredit a sufficient level of training in subjects related to the Master's degree.

Graduates in accordance with foreign educational systems (with degrees similar to the previous ones) may access this Master without the need for the homologation of their degrees, after accreditation that they have a level of training equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Bachelor's degrees and that they empower in the country issuing the degree for access to Postgraduate studies.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are: the academic record (60%) and the curriculum vitae (40%).


The approximate amount of the Master, according to the current public prices in the 2022/2023 academic year, was 820 euros (16,68 euros/ECTS), plus about 65 euros of administrative fees.

Scholarships and grants

The UMA Scholarship Service (https://www.uma.es/becas) announces and manages the wide range of scholarships aimed at students at the University of Malaga. In addition, attempts will be made to obtain grants for scholarships from some institutions collaborating with the Master's. Depending on the financial availability of the Master, up to two accommodation scholarships for students will be offered for an amount of 1000 euros each.

Dates and deadlines for pre-registration

Phase 1 (exclusively for students with foreign degrees): from January 9 to 27.

Phase 2: from June 24 to July 6

Phase 3: from September 29 to October 5

If you want to know the dates of the evaluation processes, publication of lists and review or complaints, visit the web portal of the Andalusian Single District.

Applications for pre-registration for Official Master's Degrees will be submitted online
Andalusian Unique District web portal

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