Scientific-technical consulting

  • General hydrological and hydrogeological studies

    Aquifer functioning

  • Hydrogeological mapping and groundwater field work

    Inventory of water sources, flow and piezometric levels measurement , water sampling

  • Drilling sites and water catchments

    Technical direction and control of boreholes and pumping tests

  • Hydrological planning, management and use of water

  • Artificial tracers tests

  • Hydrogeological studies for mining


Rincón del Muerto wetland. Baena, Cordoba.

  • Vulnerability and risk to contamination of aquifers and protection perimeters of springs and boreholes

  • Environmental Impact Assessments related to water

  • Water quality for different uses

    Urban supply, irrigation, industrial use

  • Water pollution from different sources

    Solid waste landfills, agriculture, livestock, industry

  • Hydrological and hydrogeological studies of wetlands and protected natural spaces

    Hydro-geo diversity studies

  • Mineral waters and spas

Uranine discharge for hydrological tracer.
Casilla wetland. Natural Area of the Guadalhorce river mouth. Malaga.
  • Karst hydrology

    Environmental and hydrogeological parameters in caves. Studies of tourist caves and for tourism qualification

  • Studies for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive

    Surface waters (rivers, reservoirs, wetlands) and groundwater

  • Analysis of feasibility, design and test of artificial recharge of aquifers

  • Hydrological and hydrogeological studies related to transitional waters and freshwater discharge zones to the sea

  • Studies for the capture of marine water for desalination plants

  • Studies for hydrological regulation of hydrographic basins

    Reservoir construction

  • Hydrological and hydrogeological studies for the construction of linear infrastructures

    Roads, tunnels, etc.

South view of the Sierra Seca. In the background, the northeastern slope of the Sierra de Castril. Granada Province.
Spring of Cueva del Gato. Benaojan, Malaga.
Picacho wetland and homonymous hill. Alcornocales Natural Park. Alcala de los Gazules, Cadiz.