The Hydrogeodía is a day of dissemination of Hydrogeology and the work of hydrogeologist, on the occasion of the celebration of World Water Day (March 22), promoted by the Spanish Group of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (AIH-GE).

The day consists of free activities, guided by hydrogeologists and open to all types of public, regardless of their knowledge on the subject. The basic format of the activity consists of organizing a hydrogeological excursion or itinerary in which people of all ages can participate, visiting an area that shows the role of groundwater and the need to apply hydrogeological techniques to diagnose and correct problems or put in value some fact. Alternatively, a course, seminar or conference on Hydrogeology topics can be organized. All the details depend on the local organizers, who should try to involve the administrations, institutions and companies related to groundwater in the organization.


1) Publicize groundwater and its importance for the development and well-being of society, but also for the proper functioning of ecosystems.

2) Show the role that groundwater plays in a context of global change, both from the climatic and socio-economic point of view.

An informative guide for the activity will be prepared and the activity will be announced through the media.

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Salobreña beach, Granada.
Picacho wetland. Alcala de los Gazules, Cadiz.
Source of the Segura river. Pontones, Jaen.