Hydrogeological Atlas of Málaga


The Hydrogeological Atlas of the Province of Malaga has been carried out within a Collaboration Agreement between the Provincial Council of Malaga and the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain, with the participation of the Hydrogeology Group of the University of Malaga through the Associated Unit IGME-UMA "Advanced Hydrogeological Studies".

It is a work of three volumes, illustrated with figures and color photos, written in an informative style, without losing scientific-technical rigor, in which all aspects related to groundwater in the province of Malaga.

Volume 1 has two parts: the first is dedicated mainly to the physical characteristics of the province, and the second, to the supplies of all the municipalities.

Volume 2 describes the groundwater bodies, aquifers, in which there is stored water.

And, the third volume is dedicated to cultural and environmental aspects related to water.