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Sierra de San Jorge, at the head of the river Guadalhorce

The Hydrogeology Group at the University of Málaga (GHUMA) has gathered over 20 years’ experience. It was set up in 1990 and since then the number of researchers in the group has grown continually. The GHUMA has trained 14 Ph D’s and 7 graduates are currently at different stages in preparing their doctoral thesis. This increase in the Group’s numbers has enabled it to diversify its research interests in the field of hydrogeology. Moreover, the uninterrupted finance it has obtained, from projects and research contracts, has made it possible to increase the GHUMA’s facilities, both as regards laboratory resources and field and office equipment.

Within the GHUMA, 8 NationalPlan Research Projects have been developed (8 funded by the Spanish General Directorate for Research in Science and Technology (DGICYT) and 3 by the Andalusian Regional Government). On the international stage, GHUMA members have participated, as project leaders or as researchers, in Integrated Actions with other countries (France -2-, Italy, Germany -2- and Austria), and in projects funded by international organizations or by other countries (European Union, UNESCO, International Agency for Atomic Energy, United Kingdom and France), and by the Andalusian Regional Government and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (project in Morocco). Moreover, the GHUMA has completed over 60 Company-University contracts.

The results of the research activity of the GHUMA have been presented at national and international congresses, and have been published in books and scientific journals (Spanish and foreign), with diverse impact indexes. In its almost 20 years’ existence, the Hydrogeology Group at the University of Málaga has published 12 books and more than 300 scientific papers: 67 communications to congresses, 68 book chapters, 40 articles in Spanish scientific journals and 30 in international journals. Of the latter, 20% of the total output have been published in SCI journals. The graph shows the evolution in the total amount of work published; the trend is clearly rising, and the slope changes after 1998, due to the increase in the number of book chapters and articles published in SCI journals.

Scientific publications by GHUMA

The GHUMA is in touch with different national and international bodies and universities. Within Spain, it has signed Associate Office Agreements with the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Members of the GHUMA have participated in organizing numerous scientific events, including 5 international symposiums and various scientific meetings. Among other activities, they have contributed to developing methods for evaluating water resources (APLIS) and for the protection of groundwater (COP); as well as in Spain, these methods have been applied in 15 countries.

Finally, the Hydrogeology Laboratory at the University of Málaga has hosted research visits by students from Morocco, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Slovenia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and Uzbekistán.
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