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Master on Water Resources and Environment (RHYMA) is an Official Postgraduate Degree approved by the Governing Council of Andalusia on May 13, 2008.

The Master RHYMA is listed in the upgrade of university graduate educations of Decree 302/2009 of 14 July (OJA Nº 138, 17 de julio 2009, página 17) of the Department of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of Andalusia.

The formality of the master and its registration in the Register of Universities, Centres and Degrees of the Ministry of Education is recognized in the resolution of April 7, 2010 (BOE nº 103, 29 abril 2010, sec. III, pág. 37676 ).

The curriculum of the official master included in the resolution of July 26, 2010, University of Malaga (BOJA 161, 18 de agosto 2010, págs. 55-56; BOE 202, 20 de agosto 2010, sec. III, págs. 1-2).

The Master RHYMA has been declared by UNESCO: "Contribution to the International Hydrological Programme"and has the support of the UN through Zaragoza Office for the International Decade "Water for Life" 2010-2015.

Se ha obtenido la renovación de la acreditación del Máster RHYMA, según informe de la Dirección de Evaluación y Acreditación (DEVA) de la Junta de Andalucía, de fecha 26 de junio de 2019.

Memory verified by ANECA

Reports (Verification and Monitoring) and Modifications


Main information

Schedule of Implementation: Fully implemented

Teaching planning

Timetables and exams

Información sobre aulas

- Situation of the Faculty of Science

- Situation of lectures and practical classroom

- Situation of the computer rooms for practical classes

The tests are usually performed at the Laboratory of the Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, starting from 9:00 AM,although these aspects are specified in the notice provided previously.

Material resources available

The material resources (classrooms, laboratories) of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Málaga are available.

The theoretical classroom is equipped with a video projector and Internet access. In addition, it has been decorated with posters alluding to rhyma course content and provided with a small library containing books used by students and master's thesis work of all editions.

For practical classes there are available the computer rooms of the Teatinos campus and the laboratoty of hydrogeology at the University of Málaga. For field practices there are pathways through the province of Malaga and other neighboring as well as measuring equipment of hydrological and environmental parameters.

Indicators of the quality

Mobility programs

Those attending the Master in Water Resources and Environment will be able to qualify for mobility general actions or programs established by the University of Malaga or any other institution.

The Master RHYMA is part of the Erasmus Mundus Programme.
Project: Spatial ICT Infrastructures for Smart Places. ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 of the EU.
Reference: 545696-EM-1-2013-1-AT-ERAMUNDUS-EMA21

In addition, there are Erasmus and other agreements with several universities of Europe:
- France: Université Montpellier2, Université de Franche-Comté. Université de Corse y Université de Rouen.
- Italy: Universita'Degli Studi di L'Aquila
- Greece: University of Patras.
- Slovenia: University of Nova Gorica.
- Germany: Universiät Freiburg.

There is a large number of agreements with institutions and companies, national and international, that allow mobility of students for externships.

Academic Coordination

Academic committee


External internships

Master's Thesis (TFM)

Teaching innovation

During the academic years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, it is being developing the Educational Innovation Project "Development and implementation of field work methodologies (thematic mapping) and Cabinet (GIS) content of subjects with geological and hydrological official degrees taught at the University of Malaga (UMA PIE13-113) ".

It is intended that students acquire autonomy and capacity for collaboration and personal responsibility at work, important aspects of the new framework for teaching and learning which leads the European Higher Education Area. The project included four of the ten subjects or modules offered in the Master of Water Resources and Environment (RHYMA): Basic techniques of sampling, data collection and resource exploration (Module II), Research on Water Resources in different media types (Module III), Quality, pollution and water protection (Module IV) and water resources and sustainable development (Module VI). The specific objectives are:

- Optimizing learning during field trips by designing guidelines or digital field notebooks for use in the various subjects.

- To introduce students to the knowledge of the methods and analysis techniques multithematic data from field work, which will enable cross-disciplinary application of geological and hydrological contents necessary for any study of the environment.

Employability information

There have been periodic graduates self-monitoring surveys. According to the results shown in these self-reports, the percentage of graduates working at the time of the survey are as follows:

March 2012: 50%
March 2013: 50%
March 2014: 60%
January 2015: 58% of those who responded to the survey (110 of 116)

The latest survey was conducted in January 2015, immediately after they finished half of 2013/2014 Course graduates, who had defended their TFM in December 2014.
In total, 116 people completed the Master 110 have reported their employment status and 6 have not even been possible to obtain information. Of those who replied, 64 are working in areas related to the Master, 10 work on other issues and 36 are seeking employment. Of these, the majority are graduates of the course of the year 2011/2012 and 2013/2014, which have ended in December 2014, when they defended their TFM.
Of those who are working, approximately 60% work in companies: International (Chile, Peru, Bolivia, USA, Senegal-Mali) and national, 20% in national governments (in the provinces of Malaga, Badajoz and Leon ) and international (Chile) and 20% doing a PhD in Spanish universities (Malaga, Jaen and Vigo), IPOs (CSIC-Granada and IGME-Zaragoza) and universities from other countries: Alabama (USA), Crafield (UK) and Antofagasta (Chile). Overall, two-thirds of those who work do so in Spain and the rest are in other countries.

More information

Criteria and specific procedure in case of termination of title

The procedure for termination of the title is set inthe PC13 (SUSPENSION / TERMINATION OF TITLE) of Quality Assurance System, and it states:

- Suspension of an official title given by the Centres of the University of Málaga may occur to cause low in the Register of Universities, Centres and Degrees (RUCT), or because they consider that the title has changed so that a change appreciable in nature and objectives of the Centre and a proposal for approval of the Governing Council.

- Royal Decree 1393/2007 states that qualifications should be verified initially subjected to a process of evaluation by the ANECA or Assessment Bodies to the law of the Autonomous Communities determine, every 6 years from the date of registration in the RUCT in order to maintain their accreditation. In accordance with Article 27 of the Royal Decree, accreditation of qualifications will remain when they obtain positive accreditation report. Any negative report, will be communicated to the University and the Council of Universities, so that deficiencies can be corrected. If not, the title will cause decline in RUCT and lose its official status and validity throughout the national territory, in the corresponding resolution establishing the guarantees necessary for students who are pursuing their studies. Therefore, a curriculum is considered extinguished when not exceed this accreditation process.

- Also will proceed to the suspension of the title when, after modifying curricula and inform the Council of Universities for evaluation by ANECA (art 28 RD 1393/2007.), It considers that such changes represent a significant change in the nature and objectives of Title previously enrolled in the RUCT, which means that this is a new curriculum and proceed to act as befits a new title.

- Finally, the suspension of an official title giving reasons when it proposes the Center or organ responsible for the title and is approved by the Board of Governors of the University of Málaga could also occur.

In this case the following criteria were established to guarantee the rights of students:

When the suspension of an official title occurs, the University of Málaga is obliged to ensure proper development of effective teaching that students had begun to completion. The Committee for Quality Assurance Center, with the approval of the Board of the Centre shall propose to the International Center for Postgraduate and Doctoral School for approval and submission to the Board of Governors, the criteria to ensure proper development of effective teaching students who have begun to completion, that provision, among others, the following:

• Do not accept incoming enrollment in the degree

• The gradual suspension of the provision of teaching

• The delivery of shares tutorials and guidance to the students repeater

• The right to evaluation until all the calls regulated by legislation which, for this purpose, there is at the University of Málaga.

Procedure for adaptation of students from previous teachings

As it stated in the "rules governing system to adapt to the degrees of Master, students from lessons that are extinguished by the introduction of such evidence", approved by the Governing Council of the University of Malaga in meeting held on March 30, 2009:

- Students at the University of Málaga, with transcript into force in university degrees of official status to be extinct may be adapted to the respective official degrees of Master's degree in any academic year, without prior request the corresponding square Through the pre-registration procedure.

- The administrative procedure to make the adjustment as above concerns will start request, addressed to the body responsible for the relevant teachings, during the relevant official deadline for the registration of students.

- The said adjustment will entail the right to enter as a student enrollment of their official university Master degree, without seeking the appropriate square through the pre-registration process and to obtain the recognition of credits in accordance with the provisions of the "Rules governing the recognition and transfer of credits in Master studies" approved by the Governing Council of the University of Malaga in session March 30, 2009.

Further information


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